OPPO PM-1 Headphones and HA-1 Headphone Amp - First Listen!

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Hi All,

I was extremely privileged yesterday as I had the main guys and developers in from OPPO China and in one of their bags they pulled out a pair of almost ready for production PM-1’s, OPPO’s new Planar Magnetic Headphones, needless to say that I didn’t hang about and plugged them straight into a Burson Soloist for a listen, I understand there is some tweaking to do but I really do think OPPO are going to surprise a few people and have got a hit on their hands, shame they didn’t have their headphone amp with them but after talking to them at length about it I really can’t wait to get my hands on it, apparently it will drive the HE-6’s no problem, will decode DSD, has 2 gain setting, balanced and single ended outputs and will be a USB DAC amongst other things and it looks a million dollars, this could be a real winner.

As for the PM-1’s, firstly they are extremely comfortable, I kept switching between my LCD-2’s, LCD-3’s and the PM-1’s and I have to say that the OPPO cans are definately more comfortable, they are also a lot lighter and easier to drive, I would have to notch up the Soloist a further 3-4 steps to equal the output on the LCD-2. How do they sound? I do need a longer session but compared to the LCD-2’s they are more open and detailed in their sound and a little smoother at the very top end if not quite as organic, If I’m really honest they perform closer to the LCD-3’s than the LCD-2’s. From what I understand there will be a balanced cable option and a stand in the box and they fold extremely flat which will make them quite handy for guys who travel a lot, also the ear cushions are extremely easy to remove and are made from a very soft leather helping with their comfort.

So to sum up their sonic signature is very clean and un-coloured, not to the level of the HD800’s, definitely got a little richness in the mids thanks to the Planar driver, with a very natural and open presentation overall with a very smooth treble. From what I understand they are still playing with the levels of bass as apparently on the previous versions the bass was more prominent. I urged them not to play with the sonic signature too much more as to my ears they sounded really great, maybe a little more bass wouldn’t hurt.

It is impossible though as everyone is looking for different things in headphones, but I think that OPPO have definitely got a headphone here that is extremely comfortable for long session, can be used for portable and performs at a high level for the home user, not bad for a first attempt, And knowing how OPPO package their Blu Ray players it will come beautifully presented.

The price will be an interesting one as to where they sit against the competition, but from what I have heard OPPO should be reasonably confident that they will be able to compete with the likes Sennheiser, Audeze and HiFiMan from day one.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer to give them a proper work out, both the amp and headphones should be available early 2014, and needless to say once they are available we will be the first to get them in for demo, personally I can’t wait to get my hands on the amp, I am hoping to be able to arrange the UK launch to be held at HiFi Lounge, more details to follow :-)

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