Introducing The Sonos Playbar, A TV Soundbar + So Much More!

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This is certainly something a little different from Sonos that I didn’t see coming, a TV Soundbar, which I think is an absolutely brilliant idea as I think it is well accepted that the sound from today’s TV’s is well below par, TV sound is the main casualty from TV’s getting thinner and thinner but the Sonos Playbar hopes to help that situation.

It has nine drivers inside with 9 Class D digital amps , 3 tweeters and 6 midrange drivers + for the full effect you can hook it up to the Sonos sub to create a really great sounding, stylish and neat sound system that will improve anything that is coming out of the tv, whether that be a normal TV, a Blu Ray player or a games console, and if you prefer it can also be mounted on the wall either above or below the TV.

You could even use the Playbar for the front soundstage and add a couple of Play:3’s for the rears along with the sub and have a wireless and easy to setup surround sound system which would sound amazing, all you need to do is connect the TV up to the Soundbar via an optical lead from your TV and your up and running.

It’s not only a TV soundbar though as it is also a fully equipped Sonos music system, so connect it up to your network and use it as a streamer for your music collection, or for Spotify and Napster or even Internet radio, all controlled via the Sonos app which I consider to be the best in the business, it really is such a versatile and easy to use solution.

The Playbar is released on March 5th and will cost £599, If you would like some more information please feel free to give HiFi Lounge a call.

Here are a few Pictures of this cool new product from Sonos, one thing is guaranteed is that it is bound to sound great, just like the rest of their range.

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